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We are passionate about the power of storytelling to de-stigmatize climate mental health issues. We are working with leaders in the entertainment industry to tell stories about climate mental health and offer climate emotional resilience resources. Learn more about our work below.


Impact partner for the Apple TV+ show, EXTRAPOLATIONS, which premiered March 17, 2023. Click here to watch, learn and take action. 

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Mental Health
Media Guide

Check out the climate emotions section of the Mental Health Media Guide, the entertainment industry's guide to mental health storytelling.

Good Energy Playbook

Learn more about climate emotions storytelling in the Good Energy Playbook for Screenwriters.


Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Stories Film

Directed by Stranded Astronauts, this short film (8 minutes) features many of our Gen Z advisors and is available for screenings at film festivals, conferences, workshops, webinars, etc. Click here for more information about upcoming screenings and how to host a screening.

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Hollywood Climate Summit

CMHN produced the Climate Emotions Workshop, sponsored by Paramount Global, for the 2022 Hollywood Climate Summit. (Full recording here. Excerpts below)

Details for our 2023 summit workshop coming soon!

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Mental Health Action Network Event

CMHN is a member of the entertainment industry's MHAN, and co-hosted a conversation about eco-anxiety with CMHN advisors. Click here to watch (with passcode RKg$L79G)

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