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Gen Zers

Gen Zers

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First Row: Heidi Pan, Danielle Barnett, Olivia Vesovich, Laurel Tamayo

Second Row: Madigan Traversi, Zion Walker, Olivia Ferraro, Charlotte Giff

Top Row: Hannah Botts, Natalie Heller, Rhea Goswami, Zoharia Drizin 

Our vision for the Gen Z Advisors is to cultivate a group that learns, grows, collaborates, and creates together. The Gen Z Advisors consists of a cohort of 12 upcoming leaders in the climate movement from across the United States. 


The Gen Z Advisors program aims to:

  • Support the cohort in developing skills and gaining experience in leadership, collaborative design, and community engagement, especially in climate mental health. 

  • Share practical tools to deal with climate emotions.

  • Build community around climate mental health and social justice.

  • Encourage action through individual and collective projects that promote climate mental health and social justice.

  • Uplift diverse youth voices within CMHN and in the greater climate movement.

  • Promote intergenerational collaboration and shared power.

  • Compensate youth for their work and participation.

  • Provide guidance to CMHN, ensuring that the organization meaningfully supports young people and involves their voices. 


Please note: We are no longer accepting applicants for the this cohort. Please stay tuned for news about our next cohort.



We are offering a series of online workshops for Gen Zers in 2024. Join our newsletter & follow us on social media for more workshop updates.

Navigating Climate Anxiety Through Intergenerational Connection. June 26


Renew and Recharge: A Burnout Prevention & Self Care Workshop for Gen Z Activists

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Click here to watch our award-winning documentary film.

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