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K-12 Education

"What does it mean for a generation of young people to be experiencing such existential dread? How do we build tools and resources that promote resilience and climate-related action and social connection—things that serve as antidotes to the negative effects of that existential dread, which can be despair and apathy and inaction and maybe isolation, [which can] become depression.”
Lian Zeitz in Education Week

Teaching Climate Change Towards Empowerment Resources

Co-developed with CLEAN, download the free Climate Mental Health Support Activities Guide for K-12 Teachers!


High School Teachers Lesson Plan: Writing About Eco/Climate Emotions and Concerns

Written by Bonita Eloise Ford. Click here to download.

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Middle School Teachers Interventions Research

In partnership with the National Environmental Education Foundation, we are designing interventions for middle school teachers. Information here.

Working on School Project

Climate Change and Environmental Justice Curriculum

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Through Ten Strands’ Climate Change and Environmental Justice Program (CCEJP), in partnership with the San Mateo County Office of Education and California Department of Education, we are a member of the Climate Collaborative group which serves as an anchor across all grade levels in the development of K-12 curricula. Details here.

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