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Climate Cafes

What is a Climate Cafe?

Processing emotions in community, rather than isolation

Climate Cafes were conceived by the Climate Psychology Alliance and are a grassroots community-care practice. In cafe sessions, participants are invited to share their thoughts and feelings about climate change without judgment. The lightly-facilitated sessions are community-led and come with no call to action attached. Rather, the practice is intended to help communities find grounding and validation for difficult emotional experiences that have resulted from climate and social crises and create space to process those feelings in community.


While recognizing the importance of action, cafes offer respite from the busyness of our lives and offer a chance to glimpse at our own inner emotional landscapes in an uplifting environment. 

About Our Work

Climate Cafe LA, led by CMHN Gen Z advisors Cindy Pace and Maksim Batuyev, is a place-based organizing initiative to facilitate community-based mental health practices and engagements with a focus on environmental awareness.


Climate Cafe LA facilitates practices and experiences that unite people to help them find joy, wellbeing, and community around environmental and social issues.

In addition to our in person gatherings in Los Angeles, we also offer online Climate Cafes.

Register for the ONLINE Climate Cafe, Sunday, Sept 24th

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